What's the plural form of "Forum?" :\

"When all else fails, blame everything to Global Warming."
-Me, idea from Pugad Baboy

For some reason, I didn't fall asleep in the train today, either going to school or back home. No one to talk to either. Ah well~

COMGRAF is really starting to get interesting. Now I've learned how to use Adobe Photoshop's Pen Tool properly as well as a quicker way to separate linearts from the white background. Now I could color more properly thanks to that. I do have a few complaints though. Whenever I do a lineart, it looks sucky compared to whenever I draw them on paper. Probably, I should really use that Stimulate Pressure option, provided I got the pen tool paths right. Also, my eyes feel strained after a while in spite of being already used to being in front of the computer all day. Me thinks it's just the airconditioner.

So my partner in ORALCOM, I know since first year, plays at the arcade like I do. So after doing our easy presentation and explanation, we would talk to the point that we went as far as talking about our braces, my retainers and food even after dismissal. Lol! That was a fun conversation. It really was Oral Communication. xD

I've been really talkative in the forums lately. Boredom, 'nuff said. There was even one discussion that I almost wanted to shout. Good thing I managed to cool my head and explained a few more things. Turned out that it was all a misunderstanding and we managed to get to each others points after a few more replies.

Target: Forums
Strategy: Ice Place - The King of Fighters 2000

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