WTFBBQ doesn't really taste so well

Okaaaaay! That was just fucked up. Someone decided to steal our phone line cable...


Gawd, I hope you die.

In other news, I totally sucked at the ORALCOM presentation today. I got me a last minute memorization for "The Despair of Judas" and, well, I despaired. LMAO! But afterwards, I made a quick comeback and commented a lot of stuff. There was one guy (gay? lol) who was like, WTFWoohooo!! Haha! I swear he was funny. Now I wish he went before I did. =P

I did another last minute. This time, I typed an anecdote for my FILIP13. That went well, I hope. Not to mention, I'll be doing it again, a project this time to be submitted by Wednesday. Bwahahaha! Hurray cramming!


I swear, I hope that guy dies.

Target: The guy who stole our phone cable
Strategy: Really slow and painful torture

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