Yesterday too, I started bringing my Ender's Shadow book with me. Now, with that and my JOSERIZ subject caused me to rekindle my interest on the government, well, somewhat. Well, I don't really have a certain ambition to take part in politics, though I've always thought of it. I just had ideas on what would it be like if I took charge. Money is always a problem along with the ever-fluctuating economy. If money wasn't a problem though, or if I had ways to bypass that problem, maybe I could at least issue certain laws in Manila particularly banning smoking. I mean, I've always pointed out that if the people, stalls, and cars weren't around, you'll find that most of the garbage littered around the streets of Manila are mostly cigarette stubs and candy wrappers.

Well, I don't really like becoming a president or anything. I really have no intentions or interests in politics. It's all the same anyway; senators, congressmen, the cabinet people, all of them are just bickering while doing only a few to actually help the country. For me, my mindset is more environmental. That is, I'd do what it takes just to lessen the trash on the streets, rework the roads and transfer schools and offices somewhere else so that I could redirect traffic, etc... I'm even planning on starting a book about this but I'm not entirely sure how.

I remember someone told me a story about two people who both lived in houses which leaked during stormy nights. One person tried to repair his house while the other demolished it instead and built anew. The former was able to do easy repairs around his house, only to find new ones afterwards. The latter, however, had to endure harsh nights without his house and tire himself out but when the house was done, it lasted for years. Why am I telling this? How would I know? It just popped in my head.

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