So bored...

"Just a random Thoth."

*sigh* A long "weekend" that started yesterday and ends two days from now. I really don't have anything to do at home. It's really getting boring. I swear, I need a new hobby.

I mean, Ragnarok Online is fun and all but, like all MMORPGs, they get boring after a while. It's a lot better if you could play with other people and mess around towns but that opportunity isn't always available.

DesCha? Well, the gamemaster seems to set the plot on stone. Right now, the episodes we have are kind of depressing and frustrating in a way. Not so much fun there...but the plot at least is going.

Not even fighting games nowadays. Garou's been real fun and I've almost beat Terry using Rock (but still can't...demmit!), but after a while, it gets, bleah.

So yeah. I need a new hobby.

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