Speaking of food...

I had Churros with chocolate dip and Strawberry Shortcake today~ xD

I now sport a band-aid slightly in between my eyes, just a bit above the nose. It's been annoying me for quite a while now and when I looked at the mirror, it actually had a scratch mark on it. No thanks to my new glasses which one of the nosepads got missing...

It's cool that my school got new comic books, particularly Fantastic Four. The pencils were done by the late Mike Wieringo, too. May he rest in peace. On the other hand, I'm just laughing myself up with the comics~

Also at school, I got carried away when we were asked to do an introduction for our upcoming speech based on one of eight selections my professor wrote on the board. I made a really long intro about Italian cuisine which eventually made my mouth water. Then a classmate reminded me that it should have been 4-5 sentences only. xD

I also got another speech to do tomorrow. My partner and I decided to do a speech about...fighting games. xD Oh what fun we'll have~ We'll even bring in our emulators...

Target: CvS Kyo Kusanagi
Strategy: Sadistic Eyes - The King of Fighters '99

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