What's it worth?

Die effing train. Die! It took me one whole hour just waiting on the station platform, all because you have this effing code yellow or whatever emergency? If a train broke in a middle of the rail, then why the hell do you pay those incompetent maintenance crew for? Did you people even realize that 0700 hours onward would be frickin' rush hour? How many thousands of people do you think would be going from elsewhere to Manila? Just die, demmit!

You know what? If it weren't for the teacher's evaluation, I would have been late for 30 minutes already. *gotta kill someone*

*end rant*


Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Lol! Gotta love the last question. xD

Also, gotta love insanity.

Plus, wtf? LMAO at the last part~

Target: LRT-1 Train
Strategy: Kick it off the rail

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