Wow. This is long.

Well, this week isn't the best one I had, that's for sure. Started with me ranting about this PangYa player who is more experienced than me. He started calling me noob when I didn't hit the ball properly. I already told him off but he just kept on and on. To no success, I tried to point out to him that, duh, my rank is Rookie and he's already a Junior. Obviously, he would have better items, power and control over the ball. Just because I didn't hit the ball properly doesn't mean that I'm a noob. If I played my other character, he would have been history.

As far as online games are concerned, that didn't end there, however. As you [pRO players] all know, Valkyrie is the worst server in Philippine Ragnarok Online. Many times I couldn't play because of buggy servers, frequent disconnections, and delayed logging in. Even last Tuesday, when I finally became an assassin, I had trouble, not because the job change test was difficult. Quite contrarily, the test has always been easy, but the number of people, the bugs that made me NOT be able to "talk" to the NPCs and the disconnections I got took me hours to finish the test that would have only taken me a few minutes to do. Ironically though, I did somehow predict that.

Also, last Monday, a water pipe blew and caused massive traffic just near our place, early in the morning. It took an hour just for us to get out and another hour just for me to get to school. On that same day, it was revealed that our group canceled the meeting for our project, wasting our energy and money (though that would be because I was playing KoF. xD)

Little did everyone know that I actually had quite a stomach ache, possibly diarrhea or just loose bowel movement since Tuesday. I actually held it in Tuesday morning and no one realized because I was moving and talking normally. I tried a tablespoon of coconut oil that night too, just to see if it would help remedy.

Well, it didn't bother me as I woke up but it did return a few minutes after I woke up. I tried taking in my vitamins again, ate at home and then at school, ate a lot more when I got back from school. It eased a bit but it's still there. The one thing I do remember though is that when I ran up from the ground floor to the 8th, I got a headache instead. I also went to the clinic and the nurse gave me a small tablet. That eased it too but it came back eventually. I took another tablespoon of coconut oil just in case.

So I had oatmeal for breakfast today, as I had requested to mom last night. I always thought oats had lots of fiber which could help ease up my digestive system. The pain was slight til eventually it was gone when I got back home (which was early because I only had one class today). I guess it worked but I do need to eat more fiber, I guess.

(to be continued)

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