Heya~ Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone, while I'm still online. xD

Just had tenderloin steak and mashed potatoes and ooh, it was great. I hope you all have fun on New Year's Eve. =P

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I found out that everybody seems to be getting a Wii for this Christmas (or rather, most everyone I read in journals). I don't have one though. I should have one...a closet, I mean because my shirts can't fit in my old cabinet anymore. I demand a new closet!! xD

Just went to the province today. Nothing too special. It's an old tradition of visiting relatives. I'm sure some of you "enjoyed" that. xD Oh don't fret. You should just smile and look on to the future...sleeping on your bed maybe five or ten minutes from now. xDDD

Oh well. Merry Christmas~

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Happy Holidays!

Wow! It's been a while since visited my blog.

Last Friday, I went to my R2's house to burn me a DVD of eRO. He ended up giving me the wrong RO instead. >_< Oh well. We're expecting to go back there on the 28th anyway. *evil glare* You'd better give me kRO this time!!!

Then on Saturday, my family went to Tagaytay. Mom always kept saying it's very untimely since she's quite busy in the kitchen, plus the heavy traffic we encountered. It was fun while it lasted though. I mostly enjoyed the view of the lake and the submerged volcano and watching the clouds go by so fast...yep. I was bored. xD

Nothing much on the following days though. Oh well. *a lame attempt to not write everything on my journal* xD

Merry Christmas everybody and have a Happy New Year~~

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It's a bit late but...

I no have classes anymoer (since yesterday)!!

Now what? I've been bored since last week. Nothing good really happens around the house. It's scorching hot whenever I go outside. It's like summer but not, particularly when it gets cold at night. Now, I'm stuck at home with the computer, the TV and the bed. And why am I so hungry lately? Man, I wish I could go for a steak now.

I also wasn't able to maul someone last night in DesCha. All Ueno did was attend a meeting with the JSS Captains and suggest weakening KU from the inside with a spy. Of course, Gino may have another idea of who's the spy gonna be but Gardé's usually on my mind.

Been spamming lately in the Gaia Forums, if not playing with my various, newly downloaded emulators. Nothing much there as well. I feel cursed that the word games I play there seems to die whenever I post, or continues to be dead if it's already dead. Even the Fighting Games forum takes it slowly these days. I should really get to check the other forums.

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SUSHI!!! ... KOF MUSIC!!!!!!!!

It took us 1 hour just to get to Megamall from LSGH but 30-40 minutes going back home to Antipolo. That's how bad the traffic was.

So it started, aside from my dentist finally adding my upper retainers...darn retainers...we headed to me old high school to fetch my mom to their Coop Christmas Party. It was in Dad's/Saisaki/Kamayan, however you call that collective lot. So many people. Thankfully, there were enough staff to keep the food and drinks going.

Since I haven't had Japanese food in a long while, I decided to take as much sushi as I wanted. Octopus, Tuna, Salmon, Eggs, California Maki, I didn't even notice the lack of Ebi sushi. Darn. There should have been some there. Oh and they had Cream Puffs too. I guess Miyuki's advice (Lucky Star) came in handy after all. xDDD

After ordering Ripe Mango Shake (which wasn't fully ripe at all), I got me a white teddy bear~~


And I'm so happy someone gave me a link so I could download KoF music. I even got some KareKano music that I've been trying to find for all these years~~ Yey! *hugtackleglomphug*

And! Lol!

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I just realized that I only have one subject to think about for my exams! xD

Two of my subjects uses projects for the final exam. *check*
My ORALCOM subject makes use of debate for its final exam. Guess what? That was a while ago. *check*
I was exempted for my JOSERIZ exam. *check*
That leaves my only remaining subject, FILIP13. xD

Also, for the record, even though I am the leader of the pro-Dress Code Policy group for our debate...I HATE FORMAL WEAR! DDDx

Oh yeah and good luck again to Rika. Sorry I couldn't make it tonight.

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Yesterday, I was feeling frustrated. So much that I even wrote all of these on a blank sheet of paper:

Good God! Today's a most frustrating day.
I need a break from all of these__________________
STRESS___ eyes hurt

I guess it's one of those days... I can't even go on as Ueno because the Gamemaster is busy at the moment. *sigh* So much for plans to maul someone last night.

Also, I need some rest. My eyes are bloody killing me.

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Nor do I have any witty title for all of this


Well, that's the first time I've ever been exempted from the exams. Well, our prof really is a great teacher after all. Not only that but I can easily answer most of his essay questions too. Sometimes, I could even go "..." and still get away with a perfect score. xD

"...Well what the hell is the significance if Jose Rizal died lying on his back or with his face on the ground anyway? And why do people keep proving and disproving about the useless stuff when all we really need to care about is that Jose Rizal was executed on this and that? Seriously, Rizal could do a cartwheel before he died for all I care...would that even make a significant difference to our history now?"

Yeah, well that was what's on my mind anyway.

Also, we had a small party for my niece's 7th(?) birthday. We went to Shakey's in Blue Wave, Marikina. Their mushroom soup's nice, prolly the only one nice besides Mojos and Dip. The pizza was...colorful but it was lacking the amount of toppings they used to have. Now, you could see wide spaces in between each topping. I don't even think their cheese is Mozzarella. Still, I like thin crust, plus just thinking of it again makes me hungry.

Speaking of nothing to do, especially because whenever I'm free in the morning on Wednesday but can't even play RO, I installed Trickster Online once more. Darn! I forgot how big that game was (2GB, even bigger than RO) so I spent 30 minutes watching Zoids (I finally nailed it!) while transferring the whole folder onto my slave disk. When I played it, it was a bit new again, particularly because the tutorial was easier. I found a friend too since she(?) found me talking to somebody else. xD So I guess chatting with one another is kind of rare, huh?

In RO though, I found myself to be the most powerful assassin in Pyramids level 2. I even found out that I'm stronger than a level 70 something assassin, also a dual-dagger type. I can reach up to around 1400 damage on a Mummy with Double Attack, 1800 with Sonic Blow. Whenever the assassins ask me too, I just tell them what I have. My base STR is 64, I bought Aspersio Scrolls, Blessing Scrolls, Increase AGI Scrolls, Assumptio Scrolls, Chewy Ricecakes (+10 Attack for 30 minutes), Steamed Tongues (+10 STR for 30 minutes)...heck, the only thing I haven't told them I brought are bottles of Holy Water, courtesy of Vael, and Big Buns (full HP heal). I even have a lot of Fire Elemental Converters too.

But still, I really think that's how an assassin should be. I emphasize damage. Quicker kill means less time to get myself injured. I don't even put a lot on AGI anymore and I'm still planning on upping DEX. Why? Because flee rates don't help much when being mobbed or against really high leveled monsters plus dual daggers are really slow. No need for lightning-fast attacks. I'd even go for VIT. Since Assassins have high base HP anyway (third place among non-transcedent classes), I guess not too much on VIT but enough just to survive.

Target: Food. More Food
Strategy: Arashi no Saxophone 2 - The King of Fighters

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Lazy weekend

-Ken Masters

I dub the last three days a lazy weekend, which is ironic because in all three days, I went out of the house and didn't get to have a siesta.

I went out on Friday for a project. Took us almost the whole afternoon and I arrived really late during the night. It was kind of fun, really. I got to be the weatherman while my classmate's Christmas Tree was portrayed as the country. xD Our motto was, "Always bringing you news one day late," and "We do not bring the news, we confirm it." xDDD

On Saturday, I got my upper braces taken off. Now, I just have to go to the next week to get my upper retainers. On Sunday, I went to my piano teacher's house and practiced on their grand piano. It's like tradition or something. Every December, I go to their house and that's where I'll practice my rehearsal piece.

I also got a good outfit for my PangYa avatar. So far, lots of people liked my new avatar. Some of them even asked for a gift. xD

It goes with a Camo-themed cap as well but I like this one better if I'm not needing any extra spin on my games. Also, the blue golf glove is located on his left-hand, covered mostly by his body.

Nothing much on RO either, except Vael decided to become an assassin. For all I know, he'd probably be level 60 by now. We even partied with Creole and, though only for a few when I got there, Saku. So far, all I can say (during that time, not sure now) is that at least I am still stronger than Vael. xD

Oh yeah, and, something I made based on the server error message from RO:

Rant courtesy of Vael. xD

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