It's a bit late but...

I no have classes anymoer (since yesterday)!!

Now what? I've been bored since last week. Nothing good really happens around the house. It's scorching hot whenever I go outside. It's like summer but not, particularly when it gets cold at night. Now, I'm stuck at home with the computer, the TV and the bed. And why am I so hungry lately? Man, I wish I could go for a steak now.

I also wasn't able to maul someone last night in DesCha. All Ueno did was attend a meeting with the JSS Captains and suggest weakening KU from the inside with a spy. Of course, Gino may have another idea of who's the spy gonna be but Gardé's usually on my mind.

Been spamming lately in the Gaia Forums, if not playing with my various, newly downloaded emulators. Nothing much there as well. I feel cursed that the word games I play there seems to die whenever I post, or continues to be dead if it's already dead. Even the Fighting Games forum takes it slowly these days. I should really get to check the other forums.

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