Lazy weekend

-Ken Masters

I dub the last three days a lazy weekend, which is ironic because in all three days, I went out of the house and didn't get to have a siesta.

I went out on Friday for a project. Took us almost the whole afternoon and I arrived really late during the night. It was kind of fun, really. I got to be the weatherman while my classmate's Christmas Tree was portrayed as the country. xD Our motto was, "Always bringing you news one day late," and "We do not bring the news, we confirm it." xDDD

On Saturday, I got my upper braces taken off. Now, I just have to go to the next week to get my upper retainers. On Sunday, I went to my piano teacher's house and practiced on their grand piano. It's like tradition or something. Every December, I go to their house and that's where I'll practice my rehearsal piece.

I also got a good outfit for my PangYa avatar. So far, lots of people liked my new avatar. Some of them even asked for a gift. xD

It goes with a Camo-themed cap as well but I like this one better if I'm not needing any extra spin on my games. Also, the blue golf glove is located on his left-hand, covered mostly by his body.

Nothing much on RO either, except Vael decided to become an assassin. For all I know, he'd probably be level 60 by now. We even partied with Creole and, though only for a few when I got there, Saku. So far, all I can say (during that time, not sure now) is that at least I am still stronger than Vael. xD

Oh yeah, and, something I made based on the server error message from RO:

Rant courtesy of Vael. xD

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