Belated Happy Birthday to my mum (which was yesterday).

Funny how I updated my journal only once this year. xD I guess I've been busy with RO so much that I'm already having fun messing up my stats. I mean, High AGI/DEX and 1-INT High Wiz, FTW?! It's pretty funny actually. PH34R FAST ATTACK SPEED WITH LOADS OF CRAPPY DAMAGE!! xD I just forgot to upload screenshots.

Also, I've been having fun with my Alchemist. The plants I summon are so awesome, all I have to do is lay them down then lure my opponents in~ I don't even have to physically attack my opponents and I don't even have to heal myself either (especially since my Geographers heal for me. xD).

Going back to school...CONCEPTS!! It's the one thing I have a hard time with in designing, save when given a long, and I really mean long, time to think about it. I keep on seeing everybody doing better work than I do, it's not fair. @_@ Well, actually, fairness doesn't have to do anything about it but still!! I even have to design a character for my Animation1 subject. I just have to think who and check and see if he's original enough. My recurring thought is Ayumu and his big red kite but then I still have to think of his storyboard as well. My other thoughts are anthros but I was never really good with those. current subjects even drained my savings too. Acid-free Sketch Pad, Watercolor Set, Washable Colored Pens and Pencils, Paintbrushes...tis a good thing I still have my HB, 2B, 4B, and 6B pencils which were on the list. I've got only a few things left to check, thankfully.

Also, reading the Prince and the Pauper has left me with speaking in false Old English...burneth ye witcheth!!

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