Yesterday was first day of classes. 'nuff said? Probably, except for the fact that I also bought two books yesterday. Both first class prof yesterday and today were also late. Well, actually, I only have one class every Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have a whole day schedule again tomorrow but, like the last time, I have a three-day weekend. Nothing else much though, since it's just the beginning of the term.

I've been playing Rika's RO account, particularly her Assassin Cross. Crit-sins level up much slower and harder than I originally thought. Then again, the mobs were easy and I never really had someone to party with. I did leave a message to our guildmaster though, since he's all crazy about his Guild War business. Though I gotta admit, I'm quite surprised he called my wizard a veteran. Must be because I usually hang around on Boss-hunting parties.

Speaking of Bosses, I got my first "MVP" today. Eddga. Usually, I'd be raving and stuff about it but there were two things that crossed. The first one, well, I forgot to take screenies. R2 and another fellow guild member could vouch for me. The other, well, R2 lacks Lord Knight combat skills. All he does is Brandish and Spiral, never Berserk. He claims he would get mob-raped if he uses it. I keep telling him he makes a better tank than dealing damage especially considering that he maxed his VIT already AND Berserk increases his HP three times. Ironic how he keeps saying he'd get rape when without Berserk, he was killed faster and easier than our guildmate who had Berserk on...

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