After a while of absense

It's been a while since the last time I wrote in this journal. Heck, even R2 posted more than me recently. Haha!

Saw Liu earlier this morning. I dunno. Whenever we talk in the train, the ride seems shorter, as opposed to other people I have talked with. That includes my cousin, my neighbor, some other classmates and former classmates. Liu claims it's because we talk a lot of nonsense. *laugh*

I'm a little bit rusty in KoF lately. I've won a few versus games and, likewise, lost some. I can't touch Mukai for some reason. Then again, I haven't really cheaped him out lately either. Hinako's slowly becoming a favorite though and my gameplay with Whip still rocks. Hehe!

Also, due to the loads of free time I brought to myself, I've gotten real bored easily. So far, I already thought of an idea of two stories. I just have to write them down, somehow. Problem is, both start in the middle of the supposed overall storyline. One of the stories I thought up can stand alone but the other one can't. I guess I still have to outline the latter. Still, I find the latter my favorite because of the tension I intended to put up.

Also, though I already posted this in my devART and Khan already provided an answer, how do you draw a black guy in Manga/Animé style? If all else fails, I'll try to reference Akagi from Slam Dunk. Haha!

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