I try too much to be perfect to the point I get lazy or bored. I won't be going anywhere with this bad habit of mine.

For example, I've gotten my "new game" sickness, that is, ever since playing Harvest Moon, I end up starting a new game over and over again. Same deal with Final Fantasy 1 and Pokémon. Heck! I even finished Pokémon already and I still end up doing the same thing. Even when I'm playing Ragnarok Online notes a similarity. The only time I don't do that is when playing fighting games (what's there to restart?).

Speaking of fighting games, I find the KoF "Old Geezers" Team bastards. Not new news but hell they're still a pain. Saisyu is really the easiest of the three, IMO, but Takuma and Heidern are a pain. Even if they didn't fight me at the last round before Rugal, I still find USA Sports Team and Iori Team as a pain. Well, Iori Team less than Lucky Glauber... Ironic really. Rugal manages to become less than an ass compared to these three. Now imagine if it were KoF '98 Ultimate Match as I heard rumors that the '96 Bosses Team (Geese, Krauser, Mr. Big) will be an addition to the before-boss team roster.

That and I haven't even fought against Magaki yet! Dx

Gato's also a pain in Garou. I've noticed I haven't really got past him since I started playing Garou again. Not Kain or Rock.

On the other hand, R2 managed to make me laugh with this: Click

Heh~ So true.

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