So hello. How are you? It's been a long time since I actually made an actual post here, and not some one-liner Word Block post LJ gives out at random. Most likely it's because I've been busy playing games back at home that I don't really get the motivation to write here. *laugh*

It's summer. It's very hot, the sun's very bright, most of the people are on vacation so it officially feels like summer. Unfortunately for me, I still have school until April so...D**N YOU TRIMESTRAL TERMS!!!!! *shake fishfist* Somehow, I do wonder what will happen if I were in a different college instead. I might have a longer vacation break but, I dunno. It might not be vacation at all. Still, I wonder if I was in UST instead. I mean, it's a ride easier and cheaper than CSB.

Still, I like CSB's library. They finally got a series of The Sandman comics lying around. Of course, since it's an awesome comic series, some of the books aren't always in the shelves. Still, when I cataloged, I found that they're still missing a particular volume in the series...Book 7: Brief Lives...starring: Destruction. Which goes back to the quote I wanted to say since a while ago when I was typing. DAMN YOU CSB!!!!! *shake fish* They didn't buy the book I wanted to read the most! D<

Anywho, I'm still in for a few weeks in school, maybe half a month. Hopefully by then, I could have a peaceful summer. Yeah. A peaceful summer sounds nice. Maybe some ice cream too or Mais Con Hielo. And ice that don't melt immediately after you shave it. Yeah. That sounds nice.

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