I am currently trying to write with my eyes closed right now, just likw I said I would last post. All the rest are just copy0patste. These or ratejer this ....I got lost somewhere. I'm not even trying to look. Nor will II even try to correvt everything I write here. This is quite fun actually, mosytly becaue I have nothing to do at the moment.

I...well, I'm jujst acting stupid lately. I sunno. Must be the heat. Or the weather. Or most probably because, under this heat, and at this point of time when I should be resting, I am not simply because I have still school. Feh.,

Okay. So maybe I look once in a while but It least I still am not correcting most everything I type in, just the things I think I made a mistake.

So anyway, I'm just acting stupid. Also, I keep on forgetting sutff. I should have written it down earlier. I remembered something that I was gonna write in this journal but thenm I forgot. I even had my pen with me the whole train ride session. It was in my hand, not even oin the ppocket or anthing. I could have just written it on my notevook and still I got lazyand now I'm just making a big fuss over it. Well, mot as big as the one I'm thinking right now, or rather a while ago. Still, I havbe to write it down or something. It just makes me feel better.


Anyway, Khan? Ypir CD rocked. Yay Sandman!

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Oh I forgot to mention...

...Belated 5th Anniversary to my blog. Created since 2003, alive and well since 2004.


So I finally... The Sandman books 5 and 6. I still haven't read them yet though but I will, especially since I only have technically a day to return this. The books are due on the final deadline of returning of books (no one may borrow after Saturday). Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I have like a 5-day vacation thanks to naturally not having any classes on Friday to Sunday, a holiday that was moved from Wednesday to Monday, and the Tuesday that CSB said was gonna might as well give up because we have one extra school day.

On the other hand, I could always return the books late. I'll just have to pat some money instead. After all, I have some money in my wallet to purge. My wallet grows thicker because of rather loose change. I managed to get rid of coins but the number of bills I have that causes my wallet to not fold properly? It bothers me a bit. Call me obsessive-compulsive if you will. Well anyway, I have to purge all these money anyway or get a bigger bill. That was when Khan told me he still owes me P500, although we have previously agreed and I have reminded him that he only owes me 400 because the exact amount eludes both of us. xD

Other than that, I have no idea what to do now. Well, of course, I'm gonna read too. It's just that Wednesdays make me feel rather depressed lately, if Mondays don't do that to me. Or sometimes, both days. I dunno. Some kind of self-pity, I suppose. Sometimes, I would feel like typing a story out of this although the entire plot is kinda obscure at the moment.

This is an amusing thing to do. I'm actually typing with my eyes closed. It's rather fun and I didn't know I already can type without needing to look at the monitor, although I am tempted to do so anyway just to check for errors. Once in a while, at least. In a way, I could at least rest my eyes. Hmm. Maybe I should try without looking completely. One of these days.

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It's April Fools?

Lol! I can't believe I forgot it's April 1. BUT! I did manage to fool someone (two actually) today. xDDD

Still no sign of a Book 7 nor the other books I haven't read for that matter...nemmit. BUY BOOK 7/RETURN BOOKS 5, 6, 10 AND 11!!!! Nemmit.

Anywho, Neil Gaiman rocks!

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