I shouldn't have clicked on it. I knew it was bad but I still clicked on it. Now my computer is dead from a virus it got when I downloaded something. *sob*

Oh well, on the bright side, I gives me something else to do like finally reading the books I got and bought last year. (1 year old and I still haven't read them. Lol). Plus it helps reduce the electric bill a bit. =P

I'll still be around though. We have two computers and the other one works just fine. My sister and I could just take turns on using it though. Have fun guys.

On a different note, apparently, I have other uses for the words "good day," "goodnight" and "have fun."

Also, I am torn between either installing RO or Diablo 2 on my sister's computer. I'll still borrow Sean's CD of RO though but I have to find a Diablo 2 CD if I want to install it.

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