So I woke up early because dad had to drive me to LTO, Pasig Branch, where I have to get my driver's liscence. When it finally opened at 8:00 (we were there at 7, I was listening to and laughing at the radio in the meantime), they told me to get a drug test (urine sample). When I got the result, I read it and was a pass. For my purpose, it was checked as Mandatory but I read on when I saw another possible checkbox was Random. I laughed when I imagined someone coming to get a drug test just because he wanted to. xD Still, who would want to pay P250 for a drug test at random though. =P

There still had been complications regarding to my liscence. According to them, a certain record was missing, possibly denied or unvalidated. It all got confusing from there until my dad said we had to go to the Cainta Branch next time where it would hopefully be sorted out. Wasted an hour or so.

Left Pasig LTO and ended up in Mega Mall, under my advice to eat before leaving. We ate at McDonald's among others and dad and I parted. Since my classes wouldn't be until later, I decided to use my time's worth before finally going. At the basement, I found an actual CvS2 machine. Unfortunately, when I played, the controls were bad. The platform, thingy, kept moving around whenever I move the joystick. MP was busted and that was a key component to Hibiki's attacks. When I tried 2nd player, I couldn't do a Ya Otome for some reason (although I managed back at 1st player). Just when I finally found a CvS2 machine too. Sucks. The highest score I could get was at 9th place with 400+ points. The 1st place was at 1000+ points. Ratio 3 Sagat. 'nuff said.

On a different note, I've been dying to ask this now. If you work at, say, Kenny Roger's, how would you arrange: Centerplate, Muffin, Rice, Side dish?

Also, I've been thinking since last night. What if I created a blog dedicated to my opinions to what is happening around me, particularly in Ph? If I really did that, then hopefulyl I would become more nationally aware which could get handy in the future. However, my thoughts ended up with me getting paranoid to the point that I'm considering people I know around the world (as if I had) to post the article for me. It was just for lol that put me to sleep last night.

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