Oh now I remember

Like usual, you could find me in the arcade after school. I ended up being with MJ though just to pass the time. Supposedly, I was gonna go home already but my sister asked to get something from my cousin who's in DLSU and so I did. Never got a reply until much later though, when I was already in the LRT-2 Recto Station, going home.

Turned out that going back to school using the MRT route ended up exactly at 2:50-3:00, the times I am expected to meet up with my cousin. After getting what was needed, I decided to roam around a bit. I found the Admissions Office Sean told me where it was but I still hesitated. I'm not sure if that's the correct office to go to. Also, I decided to ride home with my parents just so I could save money.

Outside Robinson's, it didn't look like the old Robinson's I knew though it was practically the same. I ended up greeting an ol' young friend too along the way and I got me a cup of taho. Never roamed around the new classrooms of my old school though since when I arrived, my dad was already there to pick us up.

Then they treated me to Pancake House. I ordered Peach Waffles. It was good though I wish there were more of the crunchy parts. The orange juice reminded me of my trip to the US last year.

I still want BreadTalk's Japanese Light Cheese Cake. D:
And I'm still not sure if I would be going to Shang on FridaySaturday or not. Most likely though.

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