I swear! I want to play A.B.A again! I had a fun time using her, even just with her normal mode. Even though I got killed so many times by a scrubbing bastard on the arcade, at least I got to do a few combos with her here and there. Plus, I got to I-no when he wasn't around (although I still have to get used to dodging Megalomania). Masshou was the only thing I had trouble with as I couldn't do the follow-ups. It happened to be qcf+S_b,f+S_hcb+S demmit! I swear, I'm too used to Kyo's Aragami/Dokugami chains.

Other than that, the day pretty much sucked. Khan and Jake didn't get their one hour unlimited Tekken spree since they didn't want to play the yellow swiper games (GGXX was yellow though. D: ) and Power Station was missing Guitar Freaks and Drummania and the second player of SVC:Chaos can't use any kicks. We ended up drinking Coke most of the time. =/

On the other hand, Nigel finally lent me his Diablo 2 installer! Finally, after waiting for 1-2 long years, I can get back to playing again! xD

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Damnit! I wanna play on my fighting game emulator and PINBALL ISN'T A GOOD SUBSTITUTE!




New Post! :o

Lookie what I made~

Faves from Guilty Gear

Yay Guilty Gear~

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