I haven't been seen in here for a long time. Regardless...

It's been quite a weekend lately. At first, I was looking forward to my birthday. My mom decided to do a surprise visit and we had a good time talking with each other while eating out. She even treated me to a good restaurant. I managed to eat French Onion Soup for the first time. Now I know how it should taste like. We're planning to make some when we come home.


I wasn't looking forward what came in next. At first everything was fine until my sister texted that it was flooding inside our house. Almost immediately, I checked on the internet (I was in my grandma's house that time) to see what's been happening. Then my mom also received news that it wasn't just our house. Almost everywhere, there were floods in Manila. I even talked to a few people including those who still have internet access but are stranded in their respective places because of floods and heavy rain.

We try to keep each other updated. Mom keeps in touch with the family while I also check on my own friends. Sometimes, the phone coverage weakened, sometimes they disabled calling but allowed people to send messages. Even now, I ended up going through various social networks including checking and asking around in Twitter, checking out Facebook, and even registering a new account in Plurk. Hell, this is the reason why I'm writing in this blog right now.

Well so far, everyone I know and remember to check on are safe. I hope they take care over there even though the storm is going out now. My mom's going back too later this afternoon. I wish her a safe flight, give regards to the family and to take care when she gets there.

To be honest, I want to be there despite the state my town is in right now. Still, I feel I managed to help a bit even though I am away. In the meantime, I'm keeping communications open and keep people updated.