The Morning Rush

Ahahaha! They just called my tweet cute. I just tweeted them that sometimes I mistake live streaming for podcasts and vice versa because I either want to rewind or replay it or I wanted to tweet them for entries.

Anyway, The Morning Rush is a radio program that happens mostly on weekday mornings. Sometimes, the schedule changes. Its current schedule, it's now Monday to Friday, 6-10 in the morning. I've been a listener since I was in Grade School. Now, they have this "Top 10" where their listeners, or Rushers, text or tweet in their entries based on the topic. To read some examples, read one of the DJs, Chico's blog: [link]. A number of entries are Filipino though.

Usually, before the top 10, greetings are read. I've been greeting my family for a while now and the most recent one is the one above. Made me giddy when they read it. I'll download the podcast later. Haha!

Then they read the entries. Oh lord, the rushers' entries can be so downright hilarious. As I said, you can read it at Chico's blog. However, the DJs can be so hilarious as well. Even if the entries in Chico's blog are hilarious on its own, it's even funnier when you actually listen to it. I swear, thier antics are just too much. It will really make your day.

And exactly, this is why I want to thank them, because even if you feel you're the most depressed person in the world, you'll suddenly find yourself rolling on the floor, laughing your ass off. xD It was especially felt when Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) devastated Luzon with its heavy rains and floods.

It was only a game, but I went to this game's support channel. Suddenly, I got this person who was asking questions and I managed to solve her problem. I felt happy because it was my first time to actually do supportive help. Then I began talking about it. xD


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