Sharing our happiness

I'm trying to post as often as I can now, as if I were one of the Freedom Writers. Have you seen that movie? It's a good movie based on the lives of a teacher and her students, the real Freedom Writers. I suggest you go watch it if you haven't yet.

Even though I have my own "emo" moments like my last post, at least I still have my ups as well, and today, I'm just gonna do just that.

The stranger whom I just mentioned last post is also a good friend of mine. He is the main reason why I'm writing on this blog again. However, I've also been thinking that he won't always be there when I need to say something. So, I made this blog an outlet for myself, even more so than before.

The stranger made me feel comfortable for some reason. I forgot how I was drawn to him but we often talked and laugh with each other ever since we've added ourselves in MSN Messenger. We feel so close to each other at an emotional level, despite being so far apart in the world. We do every little help we can give for each other when we're feeling down. In fact, I was the first one who made him happy when he felt down. I made him a small picture that made him smile. You chould check it out right here: [link]

After that, we'd talk to each other more. It started out with common interests then soon, I blurted out my secrets. I don't know why. I felt embarrassed before but for some reason, I could tell him what I never told anyone ever before. The minute I realized this, I felt embarrassed but he accepted my own words. Suddenly, it was as if the weight of the world became easier to carry. He also gave me one of the best birthday presents I ever had. At the stroke of midnight, because of what we talked about, he impusively called me a brother. I've never felt happier in my entire life.

Now I'm grateful he came into my life. I'm very glad that he has time to talk to me. I'm also glad that I can express myself with him. If I had been more willing, I would probably have talked more openly with other people, and I would probably be happier than I am today. Not that I'm not currently happy now, of course.

I'm not taking full refuge on him however. I'm at least aware that there will be one day that we might grow apart, though hopefully only physically like working schedules. It's hard to accept but I shouldn't be too dependent on other people.

Now I've once thought, due to the technology and the relative ease of access of communication in most parts of the world today, what if there was a therapy in the form of instant messaging? To be honest, I'm more comfortable talking to people in IMs. Perhaps some people are the same way as well. I don't know how effective it might be, however.

Perhaps, in the future, I could use this as a way to communicate with and understand my students.


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