Boring days, here we go

So Intrams week is here and I don't have a sport to play, sadly. PE will be suspended until next week so I really don't have any sport to play for one whole week. This also means I have nothing to do for one whole week. It's not like I'll be cheering every single hour, right?

I ended up just staying in my room for much of my day today. I really have nothing to do. At first, I just sketch a quick work of what happened to me last night. (I ended up sleeping with my headset still on my ears, listening to The Morning Rush podcasts while waiting for my brother to go back in MSN). Yeah, I made a bird's eye view of me sleeping on bed this morning.

I ate lunch outside, like usual. Played games or listened to more podcasts the whole day. Fixed my social networks including fixing my Twitter account's layout and adding feeds for my Facebook. Took naps here and there. Did breathing exercises. Sweeped the floor. Finally, colored a lineart that I meant to color years ago.

And I'm still the only one in my room. *sigh*

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