Can't possibly contain it

There really isn't anything to do much today. It's the same old day without school. I'm just lying around in bed, waiting for the time I can get out for a late lunch, and yet I don't feel bored at all. Quite the opposite, really.

I feel excited and giddy that I can't contain it somehow. Despite my numerous complaints in Twitter about the internet being slow, I just really feel happy today. I'm just really looking forward to chatting with a friend later tonight. Despite being half a world apart, we just feel comfortable just talking to each other. In a way, we treat each other like brothers.

Also, there was this fact that my mom asked me where I would want to go for vacation, outside the Philippines, of course. My first pick was England. It's a good place, says my mom, but it's also expensive. Now, if money wasn't such a worry right now, I'd imagine what kind of place England will be. Of course there will be sight seeings like looking at the Big Ben or something. I also wanted to check a library there though I wonder if I can take pictures while inside...probably not. Then there's also the fact that I can meet two of my friends, which includes my brother whom I mentioned earlier.

Ahh~ Just thinking about this makes me want to run as fast as I could.

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