Chat, chat, chat

Today sure has been a chatty day. Then again, it's probably because I logged in on my guild's IRC. They sure are a fun bunch to talk to. Then, I PM'd people and got PMs everywhere as well that I just let them talk without me.

For one thing, the resident artist of the guild added me on MSN. I also told her that Khan was online and she was a fan of him mainly because 1) he's also a good artist himself, and 2) she likes his Clown/Minstrel in RO. She's a fan of minstrels. xD Anyway, we ended up in a convo with each other and chatted around.

Then there was Twitter and Google Chat with Rika because 1) she wants to be bothered, and 2) she was feeling down she can't log in on LJ at work. So, I was around to comfort her a bit when she needed it.

And there were a few more PMs here and there. Seriously, where have they all been coming from? :o Fun though. =p

Of course, the highlight of the day has to be talking to my "older brother" in England. ^^ He's surprisingly early today. Woops, gotta rush. I'mma go talk to him more. xD



  • At 7:35 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Heya, Bunt!

    So I herd someone received an amount of money to buy a car =P
    I wonder which car he's gonna buy...



  • At 8:03 PM , Blogger Ueno said...

    I wonder what car he'd buy too. ^^
    Thanks for commenting. :D


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