I remember a time when my parents and I were all angry at each other. I forget the reason why but I think it was something trivial. Come to think of it, I wouldn't have forgotten the reason why if it wasn't so trivial in the first place.

It was dismissal time, a time for us to go home. My dad just arrived in school, waiting for us to get in the car. I don't remember but I think it was my mistake that fueled the anger. There was miscommunication going on. My mom was angry at my dad and I forgot why. I, myself, became frustrated at all these. Then, my dad found out and he became angry as well. It was contagious.

However, unlike my mom and I, my dad became fed up that he actually resolved to leave us behind in school. I knew about it because I was there. So, at the gate, I just stood there, blocking his path with my arms and legs wide open.

I told him, "If you leave, then you'd have to pass through me," or something similar. My heart was normal. I think it was because I was both confident that he'd never run the car towards me and that my anger was greater than my fear of life that time. I don't know whether if it was foolish or brave but I just did it.

In any case, my mom finally got in and so did I. I can't remember what happened during the car. Really, I think the reason must have been trivial, because right now, I don't feel angry at them at all.


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