Of sleep and oversleeping

So I was able to wake up early for P.E. class. It's not so hard after all. Good thing the class was at 8 AM and not at 7 AM. I did have a dream though. I dreamt that I had found my lost fork. Yeah, for some reason my fork was missing. My spoon was intact though.

P.E. was about Softball so I have some idea on what's in it. I knew what a battery is, some of the rules, etc... I have to thank Baseball mangas for that. Pity though, I only appreciated baseball AFTER I came to visit my baseball player cousin in the US.

So after, I had my breakfast, checked my bank account, and stayed back at the dorm. At one point at noon, I decided to sleep. I thought to myself I should wake up for my next class. You know what, I think I did. I think at one point I woke up. However, I was too lazy to move my butt that I fell asleep again. The fact that I was comfortable in my boxers didn't help me. I woke up just when the class was supposed to end. Bummer.

Speaking of boxers, I'm not sure whether to wear one again for tonight or wait for Wednesday evening...I only have two pairs along with me. I didn't think I'd be converted to a boxers kind of person. *laugh*


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