Stressed out?

Classes for me just started and already I'm stressed out. Well, truth be told, I'm stressed out for different reasons though.

I am at least grateful that I am still able to enroll for this sem. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not but I only have four subjects now due to complications. For example, although I was advised to get Biology, I couldn't because there aren't any Biology subjects this year. Having nothing to do about it, I'm left with just four.

Things are looking pretty good as well...and smell good. At the constant advice my parents and some other people keep telling me, I changed my laundry services. Now, my stuff smells fresher. That would keep them from complaining too much about how my clothes smell. They'd have to keep sending me money to pay for it though.

I also have a new outlook, kind of. I used to be afraid to go to certain places because of my deep-rooted insecurity. When I went to enroll though, I still felt it a bit but I was able to just go on. Sure I was nervous at first but that's what got me to enroll this school year. Of course, I have to promise to do the best I can for this semester.

So what's up. Why am I stressed? Well, the reason is because a friend, a forum administrator, asked me out to become a moderator for his forum. As early as my second day, something happened between one of the members and the admin himself. I had to immediately act out as a mediator between the two to clear up misunderstandings. What's more, I just realized that the news have spread to other members as well.

Some drama ensues. Another member, my closest friend, got hold of the news and threatened to leave if the admin was being dictatorial in his website. There are truths in his statements. After all, who would want a dictator in a forum who keeps pulling the strings on members in a supposed free speech forum. I didn't want that to happen to the admin so I have to tell on him. I didn't want my friend to leave either because, well, he is my closest friend after all.

Even more, I felt I was being picked by some of the members. They're just playing and having fun, of course. However, due to the stress I felt on tackling the issue above, I'm easily getting frustrated. Luckily, I just tried to ignore much of that, only being able to express it myself after I told off the admin on what he was supposed to do.

And now, I'm just taking a deep breath.

My current goal is to get this current issue to resolve today. I want to clear every single misunderstanding that has appeared because of the admin's actions. Also, I have thought that if I am being picked on again, I'll have to tell them off and warn them to stop. If not, I have a valid reason to block them due to harrassing a moderator.


My heart is pounding again.


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