A week later

Note to self, take out the laundry first before taking a shower. Long walks equal deathhaving to perspire a bit more.

So it hit me. We didn't have a formal game of Softball, but I felt tired after the practice. So that's how pitchers feel after a while. I felt tired but it's a different kind. Rather than having to gasp for air, it felt more like a mental exhaustion. You had to catch the ball thrown to you by the pitcher. You had to watch the ball closely. You had to throw the ball in a certain form so that it would follow a certain arc, throw it at enough strength to cover a certain distance, etc...

All in all, it was actually tougher than my first impression of what it should be. I need a lot more practice in pitching the ball; I've got so many throws that went out the normal hitting range. My catcher said I was improving though. That said, I still wonder why he wasn't the pitcher instead. Oh well, not that I don't want the position anyway.

In another note, my boxers kept giving me a wedgie. I guess I have to work out my butt. I'll try briefs next time.


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