When I say I'm bored

The only real time I'm bored is when there really isn't anything to do. However, I'm not gonna lie. Even though there wasn't really anything for me to do physically, so much has happened over the past month. I feel so many emotions rushing through me.

I hear all sorts of good news, bad news, and stories of what has been happening. There are personal issues, national issues, international issues, and then there are some tissues that needed to be put in a waste basket. I wanted to hear them and I did hear a lot of them. The catch, I'm affected emotionally. Everything has been tough on me. Ever since I revealed myself to my parents, nothing has been the same ever again.

If there was just one thing I realized, however, it's that I want someone to love me. It was late, but I want a partner I could be with. Stories made me envious of people. "I think he was lucky to have someone like that," and all other sorts of comments I said and wanted to say. It was finally time I find me a lover.


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