Going back home

Up to until now, I wasn't feeling the excitement. I was just looking forward to getting back home for the first time in a few months, but when I got down from my bunk to fix my things, my whole body suddenly started trembling. It's like I can't believe I'm finally meeting my family again. I've anticipated this but it was only now that I felt myself really excited about it.

It was a last minute decision but I thought of trying to make tomato soup. Last time, my mom made it. This time, I want to cook it myself. It's especially nice for the current weather when it's cool. My sisters also wanted onion rings so I'll add that to my list of things to cook. I also wanted to make grilled cheese to make along with the soup.

Some other things concern me though. In particular, the geekout. I want to clear this issue up as soon as possible. Most of the kada want to get together on the 28th. Unfortunately, I also planned to go to an EB on the same day. Khan was actually welcoming my other friends to come over though, which I think is fine because there's only just the five of us, including me. I'm still not sure, however. Now, it's either I could move the EB to a different date or accept the invitation (A third option would be me skipping either the geekout or the EB but I don't want either). However we're also still missing the venue for the geekout. I'll have to talk about this with my kada later.

Right now though, I just want to go back home~~

And eat something. I'm hungry.

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