I'm all fired up

I never knew I would be so fired up. Recently, I've been having lengthy chats with my friends and saw another side of the world. I realized some things in their stories that I've never experienced before. Sure, I've heard of them before, but the message they relayed became more powerful as I realized, they had actually been happening in my friends' lives.

Almost every single class I've been to this week reminded me of my friend and his current situation. He didn't finish his college, he's doesn't have a job and he's very sickly. He's quite jolly, yet despite that, his stories made me remember what kind of person I want to become. I want to be the teacher who would understand and help his students no matter what.

How I long for that day.

Once in High School, my English teacher and homeroom adviser was telling an anecdote. Teacher's salaries, at one point, were decreased. In protest, he also reduced the quality of his teaching techniques. When the parents complained, he then pointed out that because his salary was low, it was also what they get.

Now I understand his situation. In my place, the teachers have really low salaries despite the challenges they have to cope everyday. However, in my head, it didn't matter for me if I had a low salary or not. If I wanted to be a teacher then salaries come only second. Making my students learn is a top priority. If I want to protest, then I will do so directly but I will have to leave the children out of it.

Obviously, I have a different ideal from my late English teacher. However, I still respect him in my heart.

May you rest in peace, Sir Antonil.


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