Last, extremely long post of the year

WARNING: As if it wasn't in the title already, EXTREMELY long post

Well technically it isn't New Year yet but it's nearby. I'm very much looking forward to it. At the same time, I'm also pretty much, well, not looking forward to it. Well, I'm looking forward to it because it's another celebration. I will get to cook something for my family (roasted tomato and basil soup), and will be meeting Urumi again on the 2nd. On the other hand, I'm also not looking forward to going back to school. I had too much fun back at home.

When I first got here, I received my first errand. I didn't think I would miss it. Then again, it's been a while since I walked to the store to buy 7-Up or Sprite for the chicken marinade. Then, I also got to bake brownies for the first time. And I just got back home. I really miss cooking and walking around the subdivision. I miss my family and hugging them. I was really happy.

Things then went slow again for a while. I made more brownies for the kids and at a later date, blueberry muffins. (To be honest, I should have baked the second batch of muffins for a few more minutes). I was anticipating meeting with friends. By then, I had a resolve to make my new friends meet up with the kada. However, I think I got too excited. Khan was the one who was prepping up when and where but I was the one who pushed it without his consent. I honestly felt bad about it. However, I still pushed it forward. The venue was at Rika's mainly because I soon found out that Shun's house was only walking distance away.

I also went to my neighbor's house after how long of not visiting him. We played his newly acquired Wii. Of course, I'm still not used to it so I sucked badly, both at table tennis and Mario Kart. xD Then I had dinner there. According to my mom, my friend's mom was happy I was actually even more sociable than before. Come to think of it, I did talk more with them than I used to when I was a kid.

Even online, my Christmas was eventful. Sure I became less active in forums but it's mostly because I spend much of my online Christmas in Ragnarok Online. My guild had their own Secret Santa event which I just decided to join at the final minute. I got a person whom I didn't know too well. Not knowing what to give him, I decided to do the one thing I did best: farm. I went crazy with the item farming and processed all of them into useful stuff. I gave his items earlier than the actual date since I couldn't log in that time. Boy was he happy, like "oh shit" happy. xD

There were some downs too. Of course, there was the time when Khan felt offended with me pushing the date and venue for the geekout. However, for some strange reason, I couldn't help but think about Cho-niisan either. Even though I talked to him on the night of the 22nd, I woke up the next day missing him badly. When he came back online, I was rather emotional and PM-hugged him tightly. Come to think of it, I do miss him right now. I have oh so much to talk to him when he logs in.

Of course, Christmas wouldn't be much of a Christmas if I didn't spend it with my family. The usual Simbang Gabi (literally Mass at night time) with the family was short. I didn't expect myself to listen to the homily as well (laugh). Food was set up. I liked the food that was prepared. I accidentally burned myself too. I was putting soup on a small bowl, not knowing that it had a huge crack (my sister dropped some bowls earlier). I was wondering why the bowl was suddenly hotter than usual. Then I felt my hand feeling something wet. I dropped the soup... Such a waste. T_T

Then the presents. Oh god the presents. Like usual, I get T-shirts which is a Christmas staple for me. Then there's always something that isn't a shirt. I got me a souvenir from my old Elementary/High School courtesy of mom. It was a fan with computer generated lighting that cheered for my school and dissed the rival school (laugh). But oh boy I was not expecting me getting a new mobile phone. Holy crap! My eyes were wide open and I was about to drop my jaw. Okay, after disbelief, I immediately changed my SIM card and placed it on my new phone and began customizing it. xD

Again, like usual, we would go to my mom's home province, Pampanga, to visit other relatives and pray for our late grandparents. Mom didn't think I'd eat something there, or that they'd prepare something that I want to eat. They had tacos with improvised shells (actually just deep fried spring roll wrappers that were shaped like taco shells) which was pretty much most of my lunch. Then there were watermelons which I only appreciated eating last year. There was also Buko-Lychee Sherbet. It was tasty but then I remembered, I'm not really fond of Lychees. Buko (young coconut) is fine for me though. Then we just talked a lot with our relatives. Not much else.

Going back home from Pampanga, we stopped by at Starbucks. I ordered Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino and, like last year, some Cinnamon-flavored After-Coffee Mints. Eh, not so good as the actual Strawberries and Cream. Then I found out that my cousins bought some Subway sandwiches so I decided to buy some for myself. My sisters went along with me too after a few minutes. It was then I learned of a little problem regarding my cousin and Starbuck's security guard. Long story short, the security guard was being rude. That got resolved though.

Sometime in between Christmas and the assigned geekout date, the 28th, we had Yellow Cab for dinner and I got a new haircut. All else, not much but I became really excited when it was time for me to go.

Mom told me to bring roasted chicken and gravy along with me. I got my books that Rika wanted to read. Dad agreed to drive me to Rika's place too. I had to pick up some friends first though. I told my dad that Colin and Todd would be waiting for me at 7-Eleven near a train station. Then, we went over to Shun's place. However, since Shun's directions were vague, we didn't find his house immediately, or even, at all. We went straight to Rika's instead.

Oh damn that was fun. Introductions were in order. There was great food, of course and I put mine on the table. I took out the books and the Talked to them, showed my little fan to them (all of them were amused). Checked where Shun's place was again. Went back and played SSBB on the Wii. Still sucked on it. Changed it to TvC. Owned and got owned for a few here and there. Checked on Shun's place again and asked around. No luck and went back to Rika's...

OH LOL! We sang to our hearts' content when we got back. Rika put her Magic Sing videoke up and started singing old nostalgic songs. Creole came around that time too. We sang songs like a few Backstreet Boys songs, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, and Zombie by the Cranberries.

Then, in the middle of the fun singing, I got a call from Shun. I hurried off to meet them despite it being dark already. Shun, Junpei and Pei's brother, Patrick came. More introductions were in order. A few minutes have passed though and Colin and Todd had to leave early. By that time, I began talking a bit more with Pei and Shun though we did occasionally talk with the kada. I'm glad Pei, Shun, and the initially silent Patrick had fun with my friends.

We all left at around 1 AM. I asked permission if I could stay for the night at Shun's since he offered to. Pei, Shun and I talked a lot too. Drawing tips, problems, all sorts of things we talked about. It was only too bad Shun's computer broke down. We talked a lot that they ended up sleeping at around 4 AM. I didn't sleep 'til 2 hours later though. I was also the first one to wake up. When they woke up, we talked a bit more and watched Ponyo (though Pei slept again). Pei finally got up after Ponyo finished. Then we cooked up something for lunch...oh boy. Hoku's pretty jealous right now.

Shun and I helped a bit. Most of the work was Pei's though. We went for double breaded chicken strips, green beans in garlic butter, and some onion rings. Gravy too. It was a good opportunity to watch because, well despite my passion for cooking, I'm still just a novice. So there, he taught me a few things and I got to know the difference between his gravy and my mom's gravy. The end results were delicious.

We talked a bit more, opened my laptop and checked and shared a few pictures. I saw Hoku and Pei's pictures when Hoku came here. I shared a few more too. I even left my Hard Disk Drive for them to watch FMA:Brotherhood. Again, it's sad Shun's computer broke down. Multiple times during the day, my parents called and told me to come home already. I didn't want to though. Sadly, I had to leave, though it took me hours to actually get out of the house. xD I left at around 6 PM and arrived at 10 PM. I had to look for a book as I got home so it took me a while.

And here I am now. I still didn't want to go home and yet I'm home. Even though I was quiet during my stay at Shun and Pei, I had a lot of fun being with them. Tomorrow, I'll have to do some cooking.

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