So most everything is back to normal now, and by normal, it's the usual days of boredom and going to class, studying here and there. Hell, even the internet's normal now. Just a few things though:
  1. If you have been reading some of my tweets, I'm have a stuffy nose that annoys me everytime I want to sleep,
  2. I'm feeling extremely giddy whenever I get to talk to my best friend and older brother
  3. I'm excited to get home on the 19th but for the first time, I'm not sure what food to make
  4. I'm out of money again. *laugh*
So instead of posting about repeated stuff, let's talk about Softball...IT'S DAMN TIRING. Granted, I'm probably one of the last placers in my group of friends if you talk about stamina and endurance, but hell! I've been assigned pitcher AND cleanup hitter. Well, the cleanup position is fine but pitching is harder than you think. I have to control the ball, make sure it isn't too strong or too weak. Then I have to throw it at a good angle with a peak of 6 to 12 feet. Then my teammates don't know their own strength. I had to run a lot today just catching the ball everytime they throw. Oh well. At least I had a good time.

Also, I just recently finished a rough sketch for my best friend/older brother. He likes it so much, it makes me happy. I'm still planning to fix/clean it up though. I'll just have to ink it though I'm contemplating on whether I should do it digitally or traditionally, and I'll just scan it again.

Oh woops! Time for me to go. I still have one more class to go to. :3

Oh almost forgot. I'm looking for nice, feel-good Western music to add to my playlist. :3


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