That time of year

I'm losing my grip over reality again and even the internet isn't so much fun anymore. It's that time of the year where I lose motivation to do things. The only thing that keeps me sane now is my will to live and the chance to talk to my big brother again. Well, not really slipping into insanity but hell, I'm just bored at everything now.

I feel like there's nothing worthwhile to do anymore. Even the forums I love to go to, I've let them go away now. Was it because I anticipated too much on finally getting home? Was it because I really just have a short attention span or something similar? Is it just because I'm hungry and I don't have any more money? Either way, I have to break free from all of these.

Would have it been better if I had someone to support me all the time or will I just become spoiled? Would have it been better if I had graduated already, or entered into a course that I really like as early as my first year? Regrets, and yet I can't do anything about those anymore.


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