A long weird dream

I dreamt it was 5 in the morning. I opened up my laptop and logged in at MSN to find Cho-niisan logged in as well, despite it's nearly his bed time for him. He had a webcam open too but it was meant for someone else. However, he was happy to see me online, at least.

Then I realized there was a concert in my neighborhood. It was a Lady Gaga concert of all things and Lady Gaga wanted to know more about the Filipino culture. I even got to meet her. Haha!

I checked on Cho-niisan again. This time, I went to his house, somewhere in my neighborhood. We hugged each other and talked for a while. Then he mentions about an old neighbor of mine whom I haven't seen for a while now. Niisan told me to go there and so I did, but I got lost along the way.

I went back down to the subdivision chapel where Lady Gaga's concert was being held, except it wasn't Lady Gaga anymore. I saw mom there, as well as my neighbor, Tita Remy, who seems to also have a Lady Gaga popularity among the people in there.

Then I met a friend who resembles Shun and his dad (who also resembles Shun more than his dad IRL). We talked a lot and I realized that we ended up boarding in the LRT-1 trains. The dad wondered why I was at Robinson's all the time and I explained I usually go there after (high school) classes to pass the time if I have enough money with me. After the son went down at Carriedo station, the dad began talking about job opportunities. I didn't get to know what it was though as I have to drop off at Vito Cruz station (but in my mind was Doroteo Jose).

Then I woke up.



I think I need posters...

All seriousness though, every passing day, I'm starting to just lose it. I'm lacking the will to move on. I doubt if I want to study anymore. My old habits are coming back to me and all of these are making me depressed.

Aaaaaand, just now, I've been talking to Rika. I ended up pouring some of the things I want to say. To be honest, while I like the environment (clean, quiet and refreshing campus), I'm not too fond of being here. I'm homesick. I miss the food that I want to eat and cook. I miss the family I want to cuddle up with. I'm far away from close friends and I don't really have friends here to begin with. I hardly talk to my roommates too.

Not all my subjects are exactly exciting either. In one subject, we have to be grouped together and report in front of the whole class; reports which are utterly boring. I don't think my prof ever does anything aside from checking the attendance. The way he speaks, if ever he does, is also boring. He's also a textbook teacher, a kind of teacher I hate. I mean, do I really have to know the name of that one guy who researched about something if I'm going to teach about something else?

Ugh. Life for me right now just sucks. I wish I didn't mess up 4 years ago.


Many happy birthdays, douchebag

Hmm...forgot to add this yesterday. Posted it on LiveJournal though.


And so this morning, I drew this:
Now this guy...excuse me...


FUCK YOU! I know I drew and colored this so you can have a birthday present from me. I know you totally deserve a happy birthday just like anyone else, which is why I didn't bother saying it in front of your face, but still FUCK YOU FOREVER! You're the most immature person I have ever met in my entire life. You brought all your problems yourself and you keep blaming it to your former friends (who happens to be the two artists above)? And then you even tell other people about it? Good lord. Do you know how much I SPENT TIME HAVING TO COMFORT MY BIG BROTHER AFTER YOU PM'D HIM ABOUT YOUR THREATS TO KILL THOSE TWO? THEY'RE NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING AGAINST YOU!

Oh what? You said they did? Let's see. You said they gave you low scores in some website I don't even go to. You submitted art, you got low scores, you block them and the low scores disappeared. Therefore, you concluded that the guys who gave you low scores were those two. You know what that is? IT'S A FUCKING FALLACY! Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. Read about it. You didn't even probably think that there was just some troll and not those two? I talk to them, you paranoid idiot, and they didn't even know about that until you brought it up.

And did you know that you're extremely irritating to talk to. ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS, DAMN IT! You avoid my questions like a fly. Maybe you do that because I'm right? Am I right, huh? I mean, come on. Why would they threaten to blackmail you about things you did? Because you really did, didn't you? I've heard about them and it was just really low of you. I pity you.

Fuck you and have a happy birthday.

Feed Imports

Sweet~ I didn't know I could send feeds to my Facebook account without having to use Twitterfeed. xD

Well, this is just a random post anyway. See ya!


It's raining.

I like the weather and all but this is one of the few times I want it NOT to rain. Well, it's not really raining heavily. It's only raining lightly but it has been since last night. I hope this doesn't change my flight schedule going back home.

And either I'm excited to go back home, became extremely giddy talking to a happy onii-san again, napped too much, or something else, I really just couldn't get myself to sleep well tonight. I'm going home for the weekend because I'll be attending my cousin's wedding on Saturday. Even though it's just for the weekend, I'm still rather excited to go. I even contemplated on what to cook while I'm there (Pancakes :D).

Onii-chan hadn't been doing well since Monday. It's a long story and I don't really want to talk about it here (kind of personal). However, two nights ago, we got into a long conversation. Despite the fact that he's older, I feel like I'm the one who's actually acting as his older brother. Not that it's a bad thing~ However, I tried the best I can to at least talk about his insecurities in life. I managed, and last night, he was feeling much happier now. I genuinely do worry a lot for him. On another note, when he's happy, we really don't have anything much to talk about. ^^;; Oh well. Him being happy is good enough for me~

At the same time I started talking through him, I received news that Sean was going out of the country. I don't know the exact details like why or when is he coming back, if ever. It was all sudden and he's going this Saturday too. Well, since I can't do anything about it anymore, I just made him a sketch before he leaves. It's kind of rushed though. In any case, I wish him a safe trip.

And last but not the least, I have to greet my mom.
Happy birthday, mom~ May you have more to come. I'll hope to see you later.

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Afternoons are boring

Title. It's always the time that I long for someone to talk with but...NO ONE'S EVER ON AT THAT TIME! T_T I took a nap instead. Oh well.

I really want to talk to onii-chan tonight. Something came up and, for the whole day, I was thinking mostly about him. I don't know. I feel like I betrayed him or something. I just really want to talk to him, so much, I don't want to attend my weekly devotion.

Otherwise, nothing particularly happened today. Boring old day.

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