A long weird dream

I dreamt it was 5 in the morning. I opened up my laptop and logged in at MSN to find Cho-niisan logged in as well, despite it's nearly his bed time for him. He had a webcam open too but it was meant for someone else. However, he was happy to see me online, at least.

Then I realized there was a concert in my neighborhood. It was a Lady Gaga concert of all things and Lady Gaga wanted to know more about the Filipino culture. I even got to meet her. Haha!

I checked on Cho-niisan again. This time, I went to his house, somewhere in my neighborhood. We hugged each other and talked for a while. Then he mentions about an old neighbor of mine whom I haven't seen for a while now. Niisan told me to go there and so I did, but I got lost along the way.

I went back down to the subdivision chapel where Lady Gaga's concert was being held, except it wasn't Lady Gaga anymore. I saw mom there, as well as my neighbor, Tita Remy, who seems to also have a Lady Gaga popularity among the people in there.

Then I met a friend who resembles Shun and his dad (who also resembles Shun more than his dad IRL). We talked a lot and I realized that we ended up boarding in the LRT-1 trains. The dad wondered why I was at Robinson's all the time and I explained I usually go there after (high school) classes to pass the time if I have enough money with me. After the son went down at Carriedo station, the dad began talking about job opportunities. I didn't get to know what it was though as I have to drop off at Vito Cruz station (but in my mind was Doroteo Jose).

Then I woke up.


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