Many happy birthdays, douchebag

Hmm...forgot to add this yesterday. Posted it on LiveJournal though.


And so this morning, I drew this:
Now this guy...excuse me...


FUCK YOU! I know I drew and colored this so you can have a birthday present from me. I know you totally deserve a happy birthday just like anyone else, which is why I didn't bother saying it in front of your face, but still FUCK YOU FOREVER! You're the most immature person I have ever met in my entire life. You brought all your problems yourself and you keep blaming it to your former friends (who happens to be the two artists above)? And then you even tell other people about it? Good lord. Do you know how much I SPENT TIME HAVING TO COMFORT MY BIG BROTHER AFTER YOU PM'D HIM ABOUT YOUR THREATS TO KILL THOSE TWO? THEY'RE NOT EVEN DOING ANYTHING AGAINST YOU!

Oh what? You said they did? Let's see. You said they gave you low scores in some website I don't even go to. You submitted art, you got low scores, you block them and the low scores disappeared. Therefore, you concluded that the guys who gave you low scores were those two. You know what that is? IT'S A FUCKING FALLACY! Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc. Read about it. You didn't even probably think that there was just some troll and not those two? I talk to them, you paranoid idiot, and they didn't even know about that until you brought it up.

And did you know that you're extremely irritating to talk to. ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTIONS, DAMN IT! You avoid my questions like a fly. Maybe you do that because I'm right? Am I right, huh? I mean, come on. Why would they threaten to blackmail you about things you did? Because you really did, didn't you? I've heard about them and it was just really low of you. I pity you.

Fuck you and have a happy birthday.


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