For three days, I've been busy drawing my nakama. It's the first time I've made a huge series of drawings. I must say, I'm rather proud with a lot of my works~

I've also been hooked to Sonic 2 again. *laugh* It's been a while since I played the game and, for the first time, I've finished it too, albeit with the help of save states. xD I know it's cheating but I'll try not to cheat next time. Because of save states, I also unlocked Super Sonic. Ironically, some zones are much more difficult to get by when I use him. xD Also less of a challenge (besides the Bonus stages which are always challenging).

Then there was last night. I was talking to big brother, Alex, on MSN then we just decided to check each other's webcams. At one point, I accidentally closed the window so I had to reopen it. Instead of just opening just the webcam though, I clicked on Video Call. It just so happened that I was listening to music that time and I was singing along and I had my headset and the microphone turned on. Suddenly, Alex just replied, "I can hear that." I was like wide-eyed! LMAO!

Haha! I was not expecting that. I should have known it WAS a Video CALL, but I'm glad I did that. We had fun for the rest of the night. I was a lot more talkative when I was actually talking out loud than when we were just typing. xD Drawback, I won't be able to listen to it in the archives. *laugh* 'twas fun though.

Right now, I'm just checking for Chicken Tikka Masala recipes again. Since there are so many variations, I'm just looking for the basics and the theory on how to cook it and I'll probably make up my own recipe when I get the chance.

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